Marcel Grandin

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Dit le Percepteur Grandin

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Solitude La Lune Rose Montmartre Mariage Chardons Le homme Aleventail Abstrait


Solitude, MArcel Grandin

Solitude, Marcel Grandin


The paintings of the percepteur Grandin, singular and unique, are the work of a self-taught genius. With over a hundred pictures we follow the evolution of an artist addressing many issues, particularly that of loneliness. Thus, at the end of his life, his paintings became abstract with amazing color choices. His inspirations came to him from Paris, the theater, literature, celebrities of his time, and from nature.


Le Boeuf Rouge, Marcel Grandin

Le Boeuf Rouge, Marcel Grandin


His sketchbooks are pure wonders, which he drew every night while on vacation (from 1968 to 1992) with color pencils and ballpoint pens, remind us of art brut, painted for his need to capture the moment and hold onto the fleeing life.

Bateau à Voile, Marcel GrandinMarcel GrandinMarcel Grandin

Aquarelle, Marcel Grandin


His watercolors, light and full of space, we're what he called "my summer memories."

Already Published :

"Marcel GRANDIN dit LE PERCEPTEUR GRANDIN", édition Porte-plume (2011).

Soon to be Published :

L'art brut dans l'oeuvre du PERCEPTEUR GRANDIN