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Dit le Percepteur Grandin

Marcel Grandin Sitting Marcel Grandin was born on the 6th of February 1903 in Châtellerault dans la Vienne, France.

He started painting professionally the moment he took office as a tax inspector for l'Aigle dans l'Orne, here he received the nickname "Percepteur Grandin" from the painter Vlaminck, for whom he worked. The comparison to Douanier Rousseau was established due to their unique work in the world of the painting of the 20th Century.

Marcel Grandin has left more than a hundred paintings, watercolors, drawings and travel diaries.


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Marcel Grandin


A very good musician (clarinet), who played in dancehalls.

 Germaine Thirion ... he met Germaine Thirion who became his wife, daughter of Jean Jules Thirion, tax inspector for Rethel (Ardennes) and his wife Jeanne Angélique Serreau.

The union of Marcel and Germaine gave birth to three children:
Michel : Public Speaker, Writer
Denise : Executive Secretary
Cécile : Actor, Producer, Drama Professor


Note that the father of Jeanne Angelique - Augustin Serreau - had various artistic descendants, both in painting and drama. Serreau and Grandin, subsequently became career artists (painters - Directors - Sculptors - Playwrights - Screenwriters - Comedians - Writers - Poets).


  He lived in a flat on 44 rue Gay Lussac Paris V, not far from the prince of poets: Paul Fort and his friend, the Greek painter George Papandréou.  

Marcel Grandin, Le Boulanger Pecheux

Le peintre Pécheux       Le Boulanger (Oil on canvas 6P)

His public service career in Normandy introduced him to the painter Vlaminck, the actor Jean Gabin, the baker and painter Pécheux, and the conductor Angot (a great collector of musical instruments) all of whom called him "Percepteur Grandin".


The end of his career on February the 28th, 1969, resulted in grandiose ceremonies and festivities. Jean Gabin was there to say goodbye, TV crews came to interview le Percepteur Grandin and the 'magic screens' illuminated his works.

He died at L'hôpital de la Flèche February 10, 2000.


Marcel Grandin, enterré à sa demande, au cimetière de Baugé près de sa femme tant chérie. He was buried at his request, in the Bagué cemetery beside his dear wife.



Gino Severini

The Serreau remained loving friends of the painter and his wife until the end of their lives along with Gino Severini, Italian sculptor, painter, and illustrator (1883 - 1966).


Gino Severini


Great friends of the painter

Trajan Saint Ynes, Comedian and Pianist.

Marcel Grandin, Trajin Saint Ynes

Trajin Saint Ynes       Oil on canvas

Blanchette Brunoy, Theatre and cinema actress and the cousin of the painter. Photo taken from a newspaper article, they find themselves on a television program.

Blanchette Brunoy


Roldolphe Salis, Artist and founder of "Chat Noir", offers them his friendship and many gifts.

Georgette Trémine et
Lucien Bernard
, (engraver).


André Baugé, (Grand opera singer).

Daniel Lecourtois, (Cousin and actor at la Comédie Française).



Marcel Grandin, self-taught painter, belonged to no movement. Never wishing to sell his paintings, he exhibited only once, during the exhibition on of the paintings: La Vielle Fille was stolen, forcing him to repaint it a second time.

Marcel Grandin, La Vielle Fille

La Vielle Fille       Oil on canvas 6p


Criticism published in the journal of January 11 to 17, 1956 in Arts and Entertainment signed by R. Charmet brings his dedication to a certain elite.

... There is so much humor in what he paints, a false naivety pleasant at the same time, this science of the decor, we no longer know, with him, whether to encourage him to paint larger areas for "theatre backdrops" that could carry big profits from the theater or let him marry his enthusiasm.

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